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Google Glass
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Music by Ralf G.- Brand New Life

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Welcome to Toptentogo's Video Tube, where you can uplaod videos  music, movies, and a forum for making friends.

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For users, it's a great way to discover independent,
up and coming artists and to help them get their
music out there by sharing it.
Music by, Jamendo Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
song: Keep Changing My Mind
by Cant Stop The Daggers
song 2: Pour Juste Avant De Dormir
NC - (Non Commercial) Don't use this work for commercial purposes.
You can't use this music where money is involved. If you are a video editor who has been hired to create some clips, or if you run Pay-Per-Click ads along your videos, you can't use the music with NC attribute. Also, you can't use such music in any profit-oriented project like commercials, trailers, or any other project that promotes a product, service or company. NC music can't be used as background music for a business.

CC- License Music
CC- License Video
and this work is for Free Adverisement to promote the artist. We have contacted Universal Movies about forming contracts with Jamendo Music Artist for the up coming Movie Trailers.
Jamendos Creative License is through Creative Commons...
Please take the time to see my video page, and youtube video we like.

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